Chakra healing - Are you out of balance?

Are you finding yourself running into the same issues again and again? Your chakra's may be out of alignment, This can be from daily life issues to past traumas. Either way, by cleansing your chakra's you can restore balance to your life. You may even up doors and possibilities that you never even knew were possible into your life. Meditation is a highly beneficial way to restore your chakra's and there are many tools available to help with this, YouTube is a great resource. Below you will find the 7 chakra names and how to tell if you are in or out of balance.

Root Chakra: 

Color = Red

Out of balance = Low self esteem / Low energy 

In balance = Confidence / Full of energy

Sacral Chakra: 

Color = Orange

Out of balance = Loss of creativity / Despair / Not having answers to everyday issues 

In balance = I embrace my creativity 

Solar Plexus Chakra : 

Color: Yellow 

Out of balance = Angry / Helpless / Lack of self confidence 

In balance = Confident / High self esteem

Heart Chakra: 

Color: Green 

Out of balance = Heart broken / Not honoring your truth

In balance = Loving relationships with yourself & others

Throat Chakra:  

Color: Sky blue 

Out of balance = Not able to fully express ones self / living in fear of judgement 

In balance = Expressing yourself freely / Speaking your truth 

Third Eye Chakra: 

Color: Indigo 

Out of balance = Indecisiveness / Confusion / Lack of insight / Fear 

In balance = Calm / Ability to make decisions 

Crown Chakra: 

Color: Violet 

Out of balance= Loneliness / Depression / Anxiety / Confusion 

In balance = In Peace


" The wound is the place where the light enters you " - Rumi 


*Please note: This information is not intended to prevent or treat any type of illness, please seek medical attention if needed. Thank you.