What is the "twin flame" connection all about? It's an awakening.

self mastery - twin flame connection

A path to self mastery, soul awakening and bringing love out to the community

If you are on the twin flame journey, you already know that this journey is far from easy and at times can be down right confusing. The signs and the synchronicity's that first happen during your awakening are about enough to drive you mad. The overwhelming amounts of "feeling" and purging of suppressed emotions, the triggering, the head (logic) vs. heart (intuition) battle that goes on for quite awhile...and let's not forget to mention... this all happens at the MOST INCONVENIENT time in your life. So what is this all about? 

A reminder that only love is real

Your "twin" will pop back into your life when you actually need it the most, even if you do not realize it on a conscious level. To "wake you up" and trigger you to get back in touch with who you truly are and remind you that you have a higher purpose here on earth. A truly spiritual connection that you will only feel within the sacred connection. 

A reminder that separation is an illusion 

The twin flame connection is no joke. If you have this connection with someone, you are reminded continuously that you are connected to them. No matter how much you try to ignore it, dismiss it as illogical.. They are always there. Many twins have a telepathic connection so strong that it can almost seem unreal. This is a connection that ultimately reminds you that we are all one, that separation is very much an illusion. A truly spiritual connection, very much an I AM experience.

A journey to self worth, love & mastery  

By now many of you know that the connection you have with your twin ultimately makes you face things about yourself that need work. You will be forced to face inner child issues, self worth issues ( It is not uncommon at all for the relationships that you are in to end, if your twin pops back into your life, they are there to remind you about the vibration of love ), financial issues and anything else that needs healing within you, so you can become whole within. Not "needing" anything or anyone to validate you. Healing emotional wounds within this connection and without. Ultimately, this can cause "the tower" you spent years building, all of the 3D material things you spent accumulating can come crashing down incredibly fast and you will be forced to begin rebuilding your tower in truth. 

A reminder to spread love in every way possible 

The love that you and your twin shared/share is unconditional. You simply love them because you just love them. It's really that simple. There is no need to feel feelings of guilt or shame, in fact those are the very opposite feelings you should feel. You are ultimately connected to this person to remind you to spread the love within yourself and share your light with the community. If you are a twin flame, you are a healer in some way. You are here to honor your heart, to help others & raise the consciousness of this planet with your beautiful God given gifts.