Embracing the inner child

We've all heard it before, " oh that's his or her inner child speaking " but have we ever stopped and truly thought about what the inner child is? Or better yet, how our inner child affects our daily lives? So many of us have experiences from our childhood that affect the very decisions we make in our day to day lives. Most of the time, we are completely unaware of this. How many of the decisions we make, small or large are directly affected by our inner child? 


The inner child is a person's supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as damaged or concealed by negative childhood experiences.

We have all been through traumatic experiences as children, the father/mother who doesn't accept us fully, the mother/father who left us, the parents who fight constantly, the parents who constantly worried about money, a mother who never told us how beautiful we are, or even being bullied or abused either mentally or physically by our parents.

As we get older, we tend to attract these same situations back into our lives. The universe sends us these situations in hopes that we will heal from these inner wounds for our ultimate soul growth. However, many of us get caught up in vicious cycles and repeat the same story again and again. This can be through the relationships we have, career choices, friendships or just daily habits. We become so used to these situations or habits, that we don't even realize the illusion we are living in due to the unhealed energy inside of us. 

So... how do we fix this? It is most definitely not an easy process.. but it is doable. My personal choice is through meditation and chakra clearing/balancing but whatever creative outlet works for you is the way to the healing path. You may even want to give reiki a try as well, this worked wonders for me ( it at least opened my eyes to some real issues I was carrying with me that I thought I had let go of ). 

First, it's time to acknowledge your shadow self. What are the the things you don't like about yourself or are to scared to admit? For example: Let's say, you never know if you are good enough, you are constantly seeking external validation from others. This is an issue that stems from your childhood that needs to be addressed. A fear of rejection. 

Second, once you have recognized the issues you want to work on, it is time to identify the source. Why do you feel this way? What experiences caused this? How is it affecting your life today? 

Third, once you are ready... FORGIVE. That's a big one but it is the key to a happier life path. Our parents or parental figures did the best they knew how and if the issue derives from another source, know that that experience does not define you. Close your eyes, say it is ok that I had that experience and then let it go. Forgiving does not mean forgetting, it means you are releasing others from a debt they owe you so that YOU can move on. 

We are full of experiences but they do not make us who we are. Whether it was your parents, another adult figure or maybe even your first heartbreak that caused the inner child issues within you, I promise.. You CAN heal from them. This will not only help you move forward but it will help others who are involved on your life path. If you are in a significant relationship, you are probably already aware of a lot of the issues you carry with you from childhood as the significant people who we attract into our lives, tend to mirror our issues back to ourselves so we can recognize the issue and fix it for our higher good. 

" The creative adult is the one who survived. " - Unknown