Listening to your heart, not your mind

More often than not in this 3D world we tend to lean towards the most "logical" approach when we make our decisions. And while this may work out for some of our decisions, it may not always be the best way to approach life. 

Your heart is a direct connection to source. For example: There is a reason why we "feel" so strongly about a particular person/people or situation in our lives. We are being pulled into that direction for a reason. Even if we are not sure as to what that reason is, it is up to us to listen. Many times the ego tries to "protect" us from what we perceive as possible pain or rejection, so we fail to listen to what the heart is saying. However, is the ego really doing us a favor or just keeping us from a possible path that could lead us to complete emotional fulfillment & abundance on every level due to fear? 

Your heart holds a blueprint of your soul path. It will always lead you in the direction you are supposed to go, even if it does not seem logical. We are moving into a time where we are all being called to listen to our hearts more, our intuition, that voice within that has been calling to you for so long. It's time to honor yourself, even if it means letting other aspects of yourself or your path go. 

Many of you are noticing that major life changes are coming about and you seem to be going within more, even if this is not typical of your personality. You are wanting a more fulfilling life, abundance on every level. Many of you are feeling strongly about career changes, maybe moving into a more humanitarian field vs. a corporate job. Many of you are realizing that you are healers & you are feeling a call to serve. Many of you are feeling major unexpected shifts when it comes to the relationships that are in your lives. There are reasons for this. Pay attention. Don't be so quick to suppress your emotions and resist the change. There are no coincidences. 

We are at a point on our journeys where we are really being called upon to trust and have faith. Faith in ourselves and faith in the divine. Your heart is your truth, and as I state on this website many times, when we live in the power of love ( the heart ), then and only then will we know truth. Isn't time you speak your truth? 

" What you seek is also seeking you. " - Rumi