5 crystals that are essential for empaths


Crystals are beautiful tools that can help aid us during times of healing, soothing or during times of deeper awakening & enlightenment. Crystals are so much more than just colorful rocks and there is a very valid reason aside from the spiritual aspect for people to carry and wear these stones.

Each of these stones vibrates at a different frequency. Think of them as tools that can help us tune our instrument, a lot like acupuncture without the needles. Since you are an energetic being, depending on what your needs are, you may find yourself drawn towards different stones at certain points of your journey.

If you are en empath, you may find yourself needing to carry around or wear a certain stone daily due to your beautiful gift of being energetically sensitive. Below you will find 5 crystals that I recommend all empaths have in their crystal collection. These stones can be worn or held during meditation, whatever feels right for you. Not only will you love the way they feel, but just simply looking down or knowing your crystals are with you, will remind you on a conscious level what it is that you are working on internally as well. 


Amethyst is an incredible calming stone, which is good for an empath. Empath's thrive in calm environments. Amethyst are also excellent stones for increasing one's intuition. Associated with the upper chakras ( third eye & crown ), this will allow the empath to learn how to trust in their own intuition ( a big lesson for empaths ), gifts and discern what is theirs and what is not. 

Mugglestone/tiger iron 

I giggled the first time I heard the name of this stone, it came through to me during a meditation session so I immediately thought about Harry Potter and had to check to see if there really was such a stone. Mugglestone is amazing for grounding and those who tend to get extremely fatigued after being around others. It helps calm scattered energy and is associated with the lower chakras. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is another stone that is incredibly calming. This was one of the first stones I began to work with. It is the stone of Mother Mary and is associated with the heart chakra & unconditional love. Since learning how to love and accept one's self/honor one's heart is a crucial lesson for the empath, this stone is in my top 5 stones that are essential for empaths. 

Blue Quartz 

Blue Quartz is a stress relieving stone. It assists in calming an overactive mind, inspires hope and alleviates fear. This stone is associated with the throat chakra and can help aid with organizational & self discipline 


I honestly do not know what I would do without my obsidian. I own a very large piece and at times, I have sat it on my chest or held it in my palm during meditation just to ground myself well. It is my first go to ( along with my hematite which is in the mugglestone listed above ) stone when I need some serious grounding and feel overwhelmed. Associated with the root chakra, this stone helps alleviates fear and will help the empath to feel stable during times of overwhelm.   

I hope the information above helps support you on your journey. Along with setting proper boundaries, discernment and shielding, these little and sometimes big guys will truly help. Sending you guys so much love & light. Steph