5 signs your spiritual team is trying to get your attention


Are you feeling a shift in your life? Possibly feeling like you are no longer in control and the illusions you have been living in are dropping all around you? Congratulations, your team (yes, we have a team) is most likely trying to communicate with you that it is time to level up and move forward with what it is your soul is ready to experience.

Below you will find 5 signs that your team is trying to get your attention & communicate with you.  

Angel Numbers 

This has been a happening to millions of people on the planet, specifically over the last few years. I work with people on a daily basis who are experiencing this. It seems to start with 1111 and then moves around from there. 111,222,333,444,555 and then in sequences like 1234, 345, 456 and then they get only deeper from there. I remember when I first started seeing these and it got so loud that I could no longer deny that there was something bigger going on outside of myself that was causing me to go within... I saw numbers flying at me like crazy, even when I was trying to ignore or dismiss them as illogical. 

Angel numbers will appear to you on your clock, on license plates, via social media, house numbers and more. There are a few websites that offer explanations of what these numbers mean, I recommend Joanne's Sacred Scribes if you are curious of more of in depth meaning.

However, it is important to take note of what is really going on. What is your team trying to communicate with you? What are you not listening to within yourself? Or, sometimes... our team is simply trying to let us know that we are in alignment and we can trust the changes happening to us are for our highest good. 

Either way, the angel numbers phenomenon acts as a catalyst to remind you that you are not alone and that spirit and your team is there to assist you as you grow. Make sure you take the time to tune into what your heart is saying to you and then take action steps towards your guidance. 

Messages in music 

This was something and continues to happen to myself and many people I work with all over the world. This is a beautiful example of clairaudience. I highly recommend looking at the clock when you hear your next message through music, I have found that they are usually connected. 

I have always connected with music, from a young age. However, when this phenomenon starting occurring in my life, I would hear songs at the oddest of times and just as I was experiencing an intense emotion.

For example.. In the beginning, when I knew something had to give and I was being guided to make a major change in my life, I kept hearing... Learning to fly by Tom Petty, Loves Divine by Seal, My Destiny by Katherine McPhee, I saw the sign by Ace of Base, Free your mind and the rest will follow by En Vogue and Return to Innocence by Enigma. 


This is a fun one to see happening all around you, I remember feeling like an excited little kid in the beginning and even find myself still having those moments now. A few examples....

Hearing people deliver the same message to you multiple times in a day, seeing the same messages you've been feeling on billboards, movies, videos, social media and more. Opportunities coming your way that you would have never expected... all supporting the changes you are making, reminding you that you are in alignment and guiding you to take the next step. 

Animal Totems 

Your team will speak through animals as well. Seeing the same animals over & over again, often in the oddest of places. Seeing hawks, hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies, cardinals, robins or anything else again & again is usually your team trying to get your attention. I recommend using spirit-animals.com for referencing. 

In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about this but after having a few life changing experiences with this, I remain in awe of how my team caught my attention during certain moments of serious denial and my initial stages of awakening & initiation. 

Recurring thoughts & feelings 

We often receive guidance from our team through recurring thoughts and feelings. This is a sign of claircognizance & clairsentience. Your thoughts/ideas and feelings signify divine guidance. You feel the way you do for a reason. Pay attention and take the time to go within if needed and know that you can trust in the guidance you are receiving. 

Your team will do whatever they can to get your attention and in whatever way resonates with you. The above information are just a few examples and are based on my personal experience along with the experiences of others who I have worked with, always use your discernment and trust that you are always guided. I hope this information helps support you on your journey.