Young empaths, intuitive & psychic children - 15 signs you have a special kid on your hands


One of the hardest things I ever had to experience growing up was feeling so different, not just around the kids at school but within my own family unit. I feel that if there had been more information out there and I would have had the chance to learn more about myself, things may have gone a little smoother for me and possibly the adults in my life. 

Young empaths are highly sensitive and are very quick to pick up on what those within their family unit are experiencing. If a parent is trying to hide something from the empath, the empath will know something is wrong and immediately feel tense or almost fidgety. They may even ask the parent several times what is wrong and try to fix or diffuse a situation before there is an abrupt energy exchange that takes place in the home. 

It is so important for a parent to know what can affect their sensitive child. It will help both the young empath and the parent. Empaths are very different from other children and the first step to raising a healthy empath is to be aware of what they are. 

Does this sound like a child in your home?

*Below you will find 15 signs that your child may be an empath.

1. Does your child want to parent you?

Empaths are old souls who have learned many lessons and come into this life with a lot of wisdom held within their hearts. At times these children will have the best advice for you and want to encourage you. A parent may also bump heads with the young empath at times over the way a certain situation is handled, because the empath will feel within their heart space that there is a better way to handle it. And often times… the young empath is correct because they are speaking directly from their heart and not the egoic mind that the adult is used to living from.

2. Does your child want to care for you?

Young empaths can tell instantly if a parent or family member is suffering. Whether it is a cold, a physical ailment or just exhaustion. A young empath will want to take care of you. A young empath may try to bring you food, drinks or even offer to do your hair or offer you a foot massage. 

3. Does your child have a strong emotional reaction to movies, television ads or music videos? 

Young empaths will often cry when they see an emotional scene on television or in a movie. Often times young empaths cannot handle scary movies either. So if your child says they do not want to watch something because it frightens them, please do not make them or think that they need to "toughen up”. It can literally haunt them for days, weeks or months. 

4. Has your child been diagnosed with anxiety / depression or labeled as being “too sensitive”?

I have seen so many children labeled with something when in fact they are just incredibly intuitive and sensitive to the energy that is in their external environment. It breaks my heart at times. It’s not to say that there are not children who need medical help, but there are many times this is not the case at all. If Mom/Dad are stressed, the child will be stressed. If Mom/Dad are not happy, the child will be unhappy, and so on. The young empath literally feels and processes the parents emotions as if they were their own. 

5. Do you see behavioral changes in the child when one parent is around verses when another is around?

A young empath may seem to change up personalities at times, this happens a lot when parents are at odds with each other.  The young empath may tell one parent something and the other parent something else to keep the peace and absorb the negative energy being exchanged between the two parents. A young empath can literally feel what both parents want them to do or say, so they do. Feeling as though this will fix the situation. In the end, the young empath often finds themselves in trouble or totally misunderstood.  

6. Does your child have strong intuition or seem to know when something is going to happen? 

If you have a young intuitive empath on your hands who has natural psychic gifts, expect them to pick up on those who are around that have passed, see sparks of light, know what your intentions are at times (they will always call you on your own stuff, which can be very frustrating as a parent), have natural spiritual knowledge that is less conditioned based, have intuitive dreams, past life memories (possible happy and not so happy - the not so happy ones can cause fears that may seem unexplainable) and more. There are many intuitive empaths who will also remember being your parent or an adult. Do not dismiss this. If your child starts to open up to you about what they are sensing and feeling, engage them. Ask them what they see, how they feel and let them know that it is ok and that they are not weird to feel or sense what they are sensing. The more a child is taught that this is ok, the less their gifts will be suppressed as they grow older.

7. Does your child have a hard time at school or being around a lot of people? Often times feeling as though they simply do not fit in, no matter how hard they try?

Young empaths can feel the energy of everyone else around them. So imagine what it could be like for a young empath in school who is picking up on and processing the heightened energy of all the other kids who around them. If the young empath does not know how to keep themselves energetically balanced or is even unaware of what they are, this will cause so much discomfort that the child will either simply refuse to go or act out. 

8. Does your child have a strong bond with animals and nature?

Young empaths love animals, so much sometimes they will try to bring strays home so they can insure the stray will be taken care of. A young empath will get very emotional if they see an animal suffering. 

9. Does your child prefer to be alone?

Young empaths often find themselves wanting to be alone rather than playing with friends. A young empath may prefer to draw, journal, take walks, bike rides, listen to music by themselves or play alone on the computer. Sometimes when the young empath has been around their friends, they will begin to take on their friends “stuff” and this can be stressful for the young empath. 

10. Does your child love to be out in nature?

Young empaths love to be outside as much as they possibly can. You may find a young empath exploring, playing around / within forests or surrounding themselves by as much water as they can. Young empaths also LOVE to run around barefoot all of the time. 

11. Does your child become scared when a storm is approaching?

Sometimes a young empath cannot handle the loud noises and frequencies that a big storm brings. This seems to be especially true for those who are crystal children. 

12. Is your child incredibly compassionate and forgiving?

A young empath will always find the good in everyone. They often speak what they are feeling and it will hit you directly in the heart. A young empath will often forgive others more easily than other children can. 

13. Does your child not like to eat meat? Even if they currently are eating meat, did they initially have a resistance to this when they were younger?

Young empaths often intuitively know that they are eating an animal and sometimes can feel the torture or abuse the animal was exposed to before the animal was killed. This will cause the young empath sadness and they will not want to eat it or condone it. I remember when I was younger, I would cry because I could sense this and would often receive impressions of what the animal had to go through. 

14.  Does your child feel tired often?

Empaths are always processing and transmuting energy. Of course, check for any possible medical issues but if your child is always tired, they may simply be out of balance energetically. 

15. Does your child always encourage you to look at the bright side of things, think positively or to see something from a different perspective?

Empaths and highly sensitive souls in my experience are here to help enlighten humanity and encourage us to break old patterns and cycles within soul family units and the collective in general.

*If you answered yes to 7 out of these 15 questions, you most likely have a young empath on your hands.

8 Signs you may have a crystal child

What is a crystal child? 

Crystal children are here to help humanity evolve towards living from their heart space and raise the consciousness of the planet. Often times crystal children will have the most beautiful big eyes and the kindest hearts. Crystal children come in with a lot of ancient knowledge within them and will often times see things in a very different way than the adults around them. They may often challenge an adults perspective. 

1. Delayed speech, Your child may not have spoken until much later than other kids. 

2. Your child is very quiet and loves to have quiet and calm surroundings 

3. Incredibly telepathic 

4. May have been misdiagnosed with autism or another disease at a young age 

5. Peacemaker

6. Incredibly creative

7. Psychic dreams, past life memories or the ability to sense energy 

8. Incredibly sweet and affectionate towards those around them


Suggestions and Solutions for raising an empath / old soul: 

  • Honor their differences and sensitivities. They will not be like other kids. Don’t compare them or try to force them to be
  • Allow them to discuss and speak freely about all that they are sensing and feeling
  • Allow them to teach you what they know, I promise you will learn a lot. Don’t dismiss their knowledge if it seems to be “illogical” or not of the popular beliefs of society.  
  • Decompression time - It is crucial for a young empath to have time to unwind from the day. Set up some quiet time in the evenings for them to have so they can get back in touch with their own vibration. Reading is a great way for a young empath to relax. 
  • Allow baths - Empaths crave water. They will want to take baths a lot. This is incredibly nurturing and calming for an empath. 
  • Calm environment - An empath thrives in a calm living environment. Reduce the amount of screaming, yelling or passive aggressiveness as much as possible. If the young empath cannot have a calm environment, this can cause sadness and feelings of isolation. 
  • Encourage them to run around outside in the yard with no shoes on, this will help them to stay grounded and relaxed
  • Teach them how to meditate and tune into their heart space, if you have a young intuitive empath on your hands, you will be doing them a large favor the younger they learn this vital exercise
  • Do not try and control them, although normal parenting is of course needed, trying to control an old soul will only cause you and the empath frustration that isn’t necessary, you will end up with a very rebellious empath on your hands  
  • If you have a young empath boy, allow him to be in touch with his emotions. Too often boys are taught that it is not ok to cry. *This is crucial, if the young empath male is raised to believe that he has to suppress what he feels, it may cause anger and acting out later on
  • Do not fight with your spouse in front of your empath child. This will cause a sensory overload for the young empath and it can be very hard for the young empath to calm down afterwards. 

“Our children are a part of our soul family, they come here to learn but to also teach and reflect back at us what we as souls also need to learn. It is crucial to honor them as the soul that they are. It is amazing what our children can teach us if we are just willing to listen.” - Stephanie Jameson