Listening to your heart, not your mind

More often than not in this 3D world we tend to lean towards the most "logical" approach when we make our decisions. And while this may work out for some of our decisions, it may not always be the best way to approach life. 

Your heart is a direct connection to source. For example: There is a reason why we "feel" so strongly about a particular person/people or situation in our lives. We are being pulled into that direction for a reason. Even if we are not sure as to what that reason is, it is up to us to listen. Many times the ego tries to "protect" us from what we perceive as possible pain or rejection, so we fail to listen to what the heart is saying. However, is the ego really doing us a favor or just keeping us from a possible path that could lead us to complete emotional fulfillment & abundance on every level due to fear? 

Signs & Messages from Spirit

Over the last year or so I have heard so many of my clients, friends & family state that they never receive signs or guidance when they ask for it. I find this to be incredible to hear because for me, there are signs everywhere. 

It's amazing what can happen when you just slow down, live in the now and open your heart to the messages that are being sent your way. It's important to remember that there are no coincidences, especially when it comes to spirit.

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you some of the signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening. I still feel like I am being enlightened to many many things, however I wanted to share with you some of the information I wished I would have had when I started experiencing the "symptoms" that I now know was my awakening beginning. I do believe that everyone goes through their own unique process but these seem to be pretty general themes for most. 

Chakra Healing - Are you out of balance?

Are you finding yourself running into the same issues again and again? Your chakra's may be out of alignment, This can be from daily life issues to past traumas. Either way, by cleansing your chakra's you can restore balance to your life. You may even up doors and possibilities that you never even knew were possible into your life. Meditation is a highly beneficial way to restore your chakra's and there are many tools available to help with this, YouTube is a great resource. Below you will find the 7 chakra names and how to tell if you are in or out of balance.

Embracing the inner child

We've all heard it before, " oh that's his or her inner child speaking " but have we ever stopped and truly thought about what the inner child is? Or better yet, how our inner child affects our daily lives? So many of us have experiences from our childhood that affect the very decisions we make in our day to day lives. Most of the time, we are completely unaware of this. How many of the decisions we make, small or large are directly affected by our inner child?