7 ways to raise your vibration and keep it there

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, including you. Even the things that look like they are solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at a quantum level. 

What is your personal vibration? 

Your personal vibration is your overall state of being. It's important to note that when one is vibrating high (love based mindset), things will be flowing well in life and manifesting what you desire will occur easier and sometimes at a rapid rate. Likewise, when one is vibrating low (fear based mindset) the opposite will occur. 

The power of meditation... finding your center

More often than not during our busy and sometimes chaotic lives we can find ourselves being knocked off course, not knowing which way to turn, what the best option or answer is and we frantically search for an answer or solution. We can find ourselves turning to other people for their advice or validation on the decisions we are contemplating or asking them if the decision we made was correct, but.. what if I told you that all of the answers you will ever need are found within you?