Client  Testimonials

Naomi - Kapaa, HI

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life. Our session was so healing and brought so much clarity to me. Truly, you have empowered me in a way that I can't even describe. Connecting with you and your energy has completely shifted and helped me to uplevel my life and shift into the vibration of love. Mahalo nui loa."

Tawny - Snoqualmie, WA

"I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to meet you. Your abilities are amazing and truly special. You’ve given me a lot to think about, I do hope I get to talk and work with you again."

Debbie - Brossard, QC, Canada

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful session I had with you today. You are amazing and I appreciate you tremendously. You are a beautiful soul and you truly have a gift, an angel here on earth. I feel that you are a gift that has come into my life. You’ll never know how much the messages you gave to me today were exactly what I have needed to hear. I look forwarded to working with you again.

Elaine - Battleford, SK, Canada

You have no idea how grateful I am for our sessions to help me muddle through this process. I always feel so much better after we talk! I am so grateful for your gifts that you share during our time together. You have been a blessing throughout this awakening process! Life feels hopeful again!

Julisa - Leominster, MA

"It was such an honor to talk to you today! I am so thankful and blessed to have found you on Instagram, follow your beautiful magnetic energy and now to have a reading by you!!! You have such an amazing gift and are a beautiful soul! Thank you again for your beautiful soul and I look forward to speaking with you again! Many Blessings."

Tamsin - Lanark, Scotland

"You are amazing Steph, Thank you so much. I learned so much and I love your energy. It was an enlightening experience! You are a very gifted woman and you share your gifts beautifully; and I thank you for sharing them with me. I can already sense that the session is leading me to explore my potential and go deeper. Your light is a torch of awakening and I'm blessed that you'd share some of it with me. I look forward to learning more in the future! Thank you for being part of my journey."

Lori - Oakdale, NY

“I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that we connected many many months ago. To go from watching your lives, to having a personal reading, and now to being coached and mentored by you.... it’s truly been a gift. So thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️ Xoxo ”

Sandy - Corrimal, Australia 

" Steph, my session with you today was amazing!! It was like you had known me forever. Connected souls from another life. You truly are a very special, gifted, insightful, beautiful soul. Im so glad I found you. From that moment, I felt connected to you and knew I wanted to share my journey with you. It was a life changing moment and Im learning from you every day. You have taught me so much and I know it will just keep on going. I am a better person because of you. I wake up and go to bed with a different mindset that has made me think differently about a lot of things and because of that there has been a ripple effect to many parts of my life. A true awakening! I have so much love and gratitude for you and you will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you so much. Lots of love, Sandy xxx. "

Ramona - Chicago, Illinois

"Stephanie, I really enjoyed our time talking last night!  You are a delight to speak with and so beautifully gifted. I deeply appreciate your kind words and sharing your gift.  Very insightful and interesting.  I would like to schedule with you again in the near future and perhaps give a reading as a gift to a dear friend. Thank you again."

Shelagh - Leander, Texas 

" Oh my goodness!! That was such a powerful connection and I’m soo grateful for you!!! I can’t wait to connect with you again! Huge Hugs to you my dear - you are a gift!! " 

Brooke - Universal City, Texas 

" Thank you for being you, being in my corner and helping me in my life. I don’t think you’ll ever know the gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation I truly have for you. Thank you for helping me go further on my path towards where I’m supposed to be! I love YOU! " 

Cristina - Doral, Florida

" Stephanie, It is always sooo amazing to talk to you! I truly feel like there’s such a great connection & you definitely get me & confirm what I know but don’t believe about myself. Your like a soul sister from another lifetime!! Thank you for your love and encouragement. Truly blessed by you! " 

Tina - West Hartford, Connecticut 

" Simply put, Stephanie is my Guru. My path led me to Stephanie in perfect Divine timing; October 1, 2018, which was three months prior to being powerfully hit, like a lightening bolt, with “ascension flu”.  When one has never experienced nor even heard of ascension flu, it can be quite confusing, frightening and painful.  Stephanie provided insight, comfort, reassurance and laughter, and I have been working with her ever since. I have grown to understand my true soul’s purpose, and I embrace with gratitude my continued soul’s journey as I develop and grow into it fully.   Stephanie continues to be a guiding light, an inspiration, and a source of empowerment. I cannot express enough gratitude for or to Stephanie.  Her magic has rooted and branched out like the Tree of Life to me and so many others; through me, through us, and so on and so on . . . Tina. " 

Lori - Oakdale, New York 

" Steph, I don’t even know where to begin! I am so grateful for the session that we had. You’re gifts are truly magnificent and inspiring. From the first time that I caught your Instagram live, I knew why I drawn to you and your mission. Your beautiful energy and compassion jumps right through the screen!! You gave me such amazing insight and validation to the things I’ve known, but were scared to embrace. I look forward to our future sessions and learning more from you. I would absolutely recommend anyone and everyone to connect with you for a reading! I wish I could put the rest into words lol. Sending you so much love and light, Lori. "  

Liz - Brooklyn, New York 

" You are amazing!!! I am truly blown away. Everything you said has put me at ease. Thank you so much for your healing words. To hear from my mom has been the best gift ever. God bless!  "

Richard - Ontario, Canada 

" Thank you very much Steph, once again it was a pleasure talking to you about everything and shedding some light on me. I feel a lot more relaxed about everything now and will honour my heart to follow my desire to fulfill my happiness first. Thank you for your kind words, you are truly an amazing woman. I’m truly grateful that we’ve connected, it's been an absolute pleasure to have you in my life for a part of the journey. Keep the beautiful smile rockin :D. "

Natalie - Narwee, Australia

" My dearest Stephanie, How can one express her appreciation and love for all that you are? Thank you.., so short and simple but yet the only words...I had a beautiful moment of another level on enlightenment - that was led by your guidance and I felt you with me through each step of this shift. Understanding true forgiveness was a beautiful lesson and break through. Thank you for your incredible light and wisdom. I know the journey you have experienced to be at that level of understanding and empowerment. I am just wowed by your incredible foresight and gifts. You are truly a blessing. From the bottom of all of who I am - Thank You. "

Dana - DeBary, Florida

" I am so happy we crossed paths, I am learning so much and growing so much from you sharing your gift with the world. Thank you for all you do and the impact you have on people around the world who need this guidance...people like me! Thank you again! "

Erin - Saint Albans, WV

" I enjoyed my experience with you beyond words.  It was so refreshing to hear everything that I have been thinking and working on all this time come out of a "strangers" mouth! And to learn new things I wasn't even aware of. Thank you thank you thank you again! "

Bhavesh - Redwood City, CA 

"Thank you for the most insightful session, each word of yours has a great lesson hidden inside. It was a really wonderful, divine experience. It felt like I was talking to my sis. Very loving, caring and nurturing. Thank you so so much." 

Ryan - Stuart, FL

" I can’t say thank you enough. You were so validating and everything made perfect sense to everything I have been feeling and thinking about lately. I’ll definitely look into another session in a few months from now. <3 "

Julia - EWA beach, Hawaii 

"I'm so incredibly thankful that I got to book a session with you. Although I'm still processing everything, I feel at ease, in a way, or like there is clarity coming through to me. Thank you so much for helping me see things and encouraging to trust myself. Much love and light and aloha." 

Crystal - Garden Grove, CA

"I just have to say Wow, just Wow! I had a session with Steph today & honestly it opened my eyes to how it's that time I really focus on what I desire & manifest it. She reminded me of that. She is pretty amazing & I learned a lot from her. I can tell that she speaks from her heart & she just opened my mind to possibilities I have never seen before. I knew I always had it in me but never knew what step to take. She inspired me to take that first step! Thank you Steph.....Thank you for speaking your truth."

Ramona - Denton, TX

"OMG! I had and continue to have goosebumps throughout my body and tears of joy reading your email. I'm just speechless. I can't describe how or what I'm feeling. It's all so new and so unknown but so familiar. It's just crazy. I don't know what's happening but my heart is just in such a good place. Thank you from my soul. I appreciate you and your light." 

Sheena - Singapore, Asia 

"Thank you so much Stephanie. More healing power to you always so that you can keep showing people like me the path to ourselves. Lots of love."

Amy - Toronto, ON, Canada 

" Stephanie, Thank you so much!! Very grateful for you and the messages you passed along. Loved your energy as well. Really did feel so much lighter by the end of our call. You really do have a gift and one that will help a lot of people." 

Natalie - Bromont, QC , Canada 

" Thank you so much Stephanie. Spot on everything as always. Thank you for everything you do, and believe me when I say you DO make a big difference in this world for so many souls." 

Desire - Auckland, New Zealand 

"Hi Steph. Just sending you a short message to express my gratitude. So cool, so magical. You're psychic as f*ck!, Respect your work. Much love." 

Nate - Missoula, MT 

" Thank you! Your message resonates and connects deeply in so many ways. You are truly gifted. Its amazing how well you read me. Thank you for helping me see my path along this journey. I look forward to future lessons. You are an Angel! "

Deborah - Boise, ID 

" I can’t tell you how much I respect your work. It was awesome to see you in action and I so appreciate the information I received last night. I feel like I’ve been at the cliff’s edge for months and you kicked me over the edge. It was so cool knowing it’s already inside of me. You are a great catalyst. I’m on fire now and SOOOOO HAPPY. Big Hugs! " 

Jeffrey - Lakeland, FL

" Oh my - that was amazing! I don't know what to say. I am numb. I knew it was going to be emotional and it was beyond any words. Thank you a million times! " 

Cherryl - Paramaribo, South America

"Stephanie you are truly AMAZING!!! I felt you were the right person to connect with and you just confirmed that in the session. All resonated with me and it's absolutely incredible how you gave so much information about things you "couldn't possibly know". You are such an inspiration, I love your demeanor, your energy and how you communicate. Many, many thanks. I feel better already, like something has been lifted. I will do the meditations and see how things go from there. I feel that I will most definitely connect with you again in awhile. Hugs, Cherryl." 

Shannon - Phoenix, AZ 

"Wow. Literally all I can say. I am sure you could tell, but I was very guarded and you hit so many nails on the head - and now thinking back you were picking up on things that I did not immediately identify with. There was a reason I felt compelled to book a session with you. You are my light at the end of the tunnel and not the train coming straight at me. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to working with you again. Thank you for being you! Lots of love."

Elizabeth - Chicago, IL

"Stephanie, I am thrilled with our session today! I will be enthusiastically moving forward with learning and trusting the process for my journey. I have a lot to learn now and happy that I will be able to use my gifts for humanity and now have more clarity on my direction. I appreciate your help with the links and for your assistance in my awakening. Thank you so much with gratitude! Peace, love and light to you, Elizabeth."

Parminder - London, England

" Stephanie I enjoyed this very much. You have integrity which reflects in your work. You are very beautiful. Thank you for the session and the meditation links. Lots of love ."

Tasmia - San Diego, CA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much! I had an amazing time talking to you! I will take everything you have told me into good practice. It was very refreshing. I truly appreciate your presence and feel blessed."

Katie - Nashville, TN

“Stephanie, You are so special, Thank you. Your reading not only moved me, but picked me up, held me, and then asked me for my hand in faith. You are a very special, open, channel, and I in this moment am indescribably grateful. Your manner of intuiting and delivering the messages are so comforting even when they are uncomfortable messages. A real healer and service worker in her element. Congratulations on having found a path that wears you and you it, so beautifully and with such grace. Thank you thank you thank you.“

Angee - Boise, ID 

"Steph, I keep re-reading this in tears. It is so powerful. I'm still so amazed by this process. Everything is so spot on and so many answers to questions and thoughts. I sincerely appreciate you. I look forward to moving forward in new energy and inspiration. With love, Angee."

Allisyn - Denver, CO 

"Thank you so much for the session and your time ! :) It really helped me feel more stable in who I am."

Alyson - Palm Harbor, FL

"Thank you so much for your help, you have a gift and it is incredible! You've given me the motivation to get my website up and running before summer ends!" 

Sandro - Birmingham, UK

"Steph, the session resonated on so many levels I could not even explain, and at the same time felt like you were healing bits of my soul. I laughed and I cried as the messages you were able to get through were reaffirming something I already knew and gave light on some of the things I was maybe not aware of. I am really grateful you were able to do this for me and it is a tremendous help that I received at this moment. Lot's of love for you."

Brooke - Petoskey, MI

"I just wanted to thank you again for such a great reading. I just love talking with you- I do wish we were neighbors! I appreciate your guidance and encouragement... you confirm things for me and also offer great insight. Thank you again for everything!  - XO Brooke"

Kathy- Florida

"Thank you for your insight, and may your warm spirit continue to shine. The meditation links are awesome, and I plan to start using them on a consistent basis. I'm working on my self-esteem, and knowing I'M MORE THAN ENOUGH!"

Diana - Alexandria, VA 

“Dearest Stephanie, You are remarkable.  Thank you for such wonderful positive vibes you showered on me tonight. I am feeling so much better than I have all week. I know I must take action on the helpful things you mentioned. I will let you know how I am progressing. Blessings to you!“ 

Angela - Huntington Beach, CA

"I am just in awe with Stephanie and my session! It went far beyond my expectations! It was so spot on and I was just blown away! I am so grateful that she was drawn to begin offering this type of reading as it was everything I needed to move forward in my own journey. She went above and beyond to guide me and I am so excited to continue working with her." 

Rachel - Cedar Rapids, IA 

"Thank you SO much for all your kind messages, I'm so glad you were brought into my life!! You truly have such wonderful gifts. I feel like I am on cloud 9, Thank you so much again." 

Jessica - Hanahan, SC 

"You are amazing. I feel so much more at ease. Thank you for everything. I will definitely be sending more people your way."

Bella - Cranston, RI

"Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to say thank you so so much, from the bottom of my heart. You provided so much clarity, peace and insight with regards to my situation. Thank you also for sending me the meditation links to help me on my journey. May God bless you forever and always."

Christiane - Moncks, SC 

"You definitely touched my soul. I have been crying off and on just thinking about everything you said. You gave me so much clarity on things that were on my mind and just confirmed my thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much again."

Kathy Ann - Liberty, MO

"Stephanie, I feel so blessed to have you as my spiritual teacher and guide, you are truly amazing! Your love and light comes through with each session. Im so enthusiastic and positive to move into this exciting life journey! Oh my goodness, I've come so far "steady progress" with your guidance. Thank you so much Dear Heart! "

Tiffany - DeSoto, TX

"Stephanie, I want to first, say thank you!! Your are an AMAZING SOUL GODDESS. I am so grateful that you are a part of my experience. Your energy increased my frequency!!! I felt as if I was talking to a friend that I hadn't seen in a while. I truly felt as if our souls where destined to connect!!! The insight & clarity you gave me was so accurate. You answered all my questions without me even asking. You are truly AMAZING Stephanie. I thank the UNIVERSE for YOU. Thank you for the meditations!!! Until we meet again my sister. Peace & Love, Tiffany. " 

Bich - Garden Grove, Ca 

"Stephanie, Just wanted to express my gratitude for the session we had today. It was very insightful and healing. Thank you for taking your time with the session and giving such thorough guidance. You are a true healer and I am very grateful for you."

Jamila - Salida, CA

"Stephanie! I have so much LOVE for you, it's crazy! I truly enjoyed our session today. Your vibe is amazing. It was refreshing, I thank you so much for all the insight you've given me today. I'm already putting things in action."

Rebecca - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Just a quick hello and a thank you for my reading, it was so inspiring and provided me with a tremendous amount of clarity! Much love and light"

Corina - Des Moines, IA

"Stephanie! Thank you sooooo very much! I'm in complete shock & amazement of YOUR beautiful spirit and talents! Thank you for blessing my life! I am grateful to you and honored to have this special life altering inspiration from you. You have touched my heart and spirit and I am so thankful!"

Lonna - Upper Marlboro, MD

"Words cannot explain how you have touched my life, my soul. I feel like crying because for the first time I feel completely understood. You are a true blessing to me, and I'm beyond grateful for your presence in my life. Lots of love."

Penny - Indianapolis, IN

"Stephanie, You have an incredible gift! Thank you so much! You have touched on so many themes in my life and you were right on target. Thank you for the compliments and the beautiful and honest session! "

Ann Marie - Albany, NY

"Stephanie, I wanted to check in with you a week after our session.  I have learned that waiting to see how things land provides much more accurate information, than responding when I am excited right after a reading. I purchased rose quartz and clear quartz. The results have been amazing. I can feel my heart opening and softening every day. I am beginning to feel safe in this body and with myself….it’s SO yummy. I have waited a very long time to get here. I so enjoyed meeting you and was SO impressed with the accuracy of your reading. I am looking forward to the next time we can connect. Until then, be well."

Stephanie - Minnetonka, mn

" You absolutely deliver more than I would have ever expected. I will heed all that I have been given from and through you. Your role is so critical and impactful for others' growth and heart joy/ healing. You are an angel on his earth.  Thank you so very much. "

Samantha - Mexico City, MX

" It was a lovely to meet you. I felt your beautiful and kind hearted energy. Thank you for being here! Take care dear Stephanie. Until soon! " 

Lisa - Capitola, CA

" Just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate and valued our session today! My heart feels blessed. I appreciate you passing along the meditation links as well as all the messages you shared. All my best, till next time. "

Tisha - Houston, TX

" Stephanie is so easy to talk to. She immediately put me at ease and was very in tune with me. Her guidance was very comfortable and she seemed to pick up on everything I was struggling with. I got a lot out of this experience and I'm looking forward to talking with her again. I feel so much better. "  

Bridgetter - Dallas, TX

" Thank you for your loving support. It's people like you Stephanie that help people like me to keep going. Love and blessings to you."  

Cassie - Brooklyn Park, MN 

" You are amazing Stephanie! God bless your heart! Thank you for being a hand in my life change, it means a lot. It all really makes sense. The feelings, the thoughts.. You are very right about it all. To the T. You are an amazing lady - with a beautiful gift <3. "

Edina - Ontario, Canada 

" Thank you for my reading. It was on point. Hoping everything will be working out for the better. Thank you for your advice. "  

Renata - Greenwich, CT

"Thank you so much for your enlightening reading Stephanie. Love & blessings to you! "

Jessica - Sydney, Austrailia

"I absolutely loved my reading with Stephanie, she was so spot on about everything. I felt so happy and amazing after my reading. Looking back from my reading, I can't believe all the things that came true. Thank you Steph. "

Susan - Pardeeville, WI

"Thank you so much for my reading. You have reinforced knowledge I have had, and clarified much. Really, Thank you so very much. "

Kathy - Liberty, MO

"You helped me understand today that yes, I am fearful. It's time to kick that to the curb. Stephanie, You are a very special lady. So much of what you told me makes perfect sense. I can't thank you enough my dear." 

Deborah - Maspeth, NY

"Thank you again Stephanie! I can't say that enough. I already feel much better and have tears in my eyes. You have touched me deeply and my healing began tonight while talking to you. You are a beautiful gift to many, especially me."

Amy - Boise, ID

"I feel blessed to have met you & I can't thank you enough for all your insight & knowledge. What an amazing experience. So completely accurate & graceful. I appreciate you & the fact that you have chosen to share your gift with others in need. You truly touched me & gave me hope again. Stephanie has a gift to heal, help & understand. I highly recommend."

Natasha - Vancouver, WA

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am for you. Your courage and knowledge is so inspiring and your empathy is not only warming but very reassuring. I feel the entire experience was the game changer I needed and I am looking forward to everything that is on its way, while consciously enjoying what is. One thousand thank you's."

Carla - Melbourne, AUSTRALIA 

"Stephanie is amazing!!! Highly highly recommend this beauty!! Her heart is pure & honest, and angelically encouraging. Look past how much the reading will cost, you are left with priceless insights, tools & guidance for yourself to use on your journey. I've worked with her many times and I am always left grounded, comforted and excited to keep going!"

Cristine - Overland Park, KS

"Received my first reading... She was so dead on; I cried through the whole thing. I am completely blown away. How she can do this without seeing, hearing or talking to me is something that blows me away. But she was right on, with everything. She nailed everything.. from what I've been struggling with, to my career path, love, things I need to heal from (things only I know that need healing, very personal & deep), She nailed it."

Sydne - Omaha, NE

"I just wanted to say Thank you. You helped me rid me of so many of my anxieties. I truly feel lighter and so interested in everything you shared with me. Thank you for sharing your special gift with me, It was a very special moment for me that I will never forget. So much love beautiful soul." 

Rachael - AUSTRALIA 

"You are amazing and so beautiful for the guidance you are providing me!! Thank you for getting my reading to me so promptly. You're amazing!! You are incredibly spot on and I would love to work with you further to ensure I am building my future and taking steps in the right direction."

Stephanie - Salem, OH 

"I am amazed at your insight and ability to feel and read people. Your reading makes me cry happy tears... It's so good and accurate. You seem to be able to understand me and it's comforting to find someone like me. I've read it over and over. You are a very special person! Thank you for all your help and loving advice. I will follow it. It's helped me."

Katya - Los Angeles, CA 

“I totally wasn’t expecting all the divine love stuff to show up in my reading haha, it was a pleasant surprise.. I agree with your entire reading and yes it triggered this awakening that I am experiencing for myself on my journey towards self love, inner happiness and connection with spirit. I agree on the heart chakra meditations and the forgiveness as well. I just have to keep doing it all daily.”

Monica - Boise, ID 

"I feel blessed to have shared space with this beautiful soul. Very professional and so intuitive. Thank you for being a catalyst to my healing journey Stephanie... Today was very meaningful. I would like to see you again in 2-3 months! Lots of love!"

Tracy - Boise, ID 

"Stephanie, You made my heart smile for my session yesterday. You have been on my mind and I want you to know that a piece of you is in my heart. Thank you."

“ To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, This is to have succeeded. ”

Ralph Waldo Emerson