Rose Quartz


One of the first stones I ever began to work with, Rose Quartz is incredibly calming and is known for its powerful healing qualities when it comes to the heart and its ability to amplify the vibration of divine love.

Rose Quartz is known as "the stone of unconditional love" and is also the stone of Mother Mary. Meditate with and wear this stone to aid in unconditionally loving yourself as you are moved through any kind of emotional healing or through your awakening.

Rose Quartz helps to dissolve sorrow, worry, fear and resentments that may be suppressing the heart's ability to give and receive love unconditionally. 

This is an excellent stone for those who possibly missed the love and nurturing they deserved as a child so they could develop a healthy sense of inner security and a positive self image.

Rose Quartz is essential when it comes to reprogramming the heart so one can accept the infinite source of love that comes from deep within the self. Helping to balance the feminine and masculine within, this stones vibration can help one heal on a cellular level which reprograms cells for happiness, joy and fulfillment.


Due to the calming energy this stone brings, it can help with stress, anxiety, sleep cycles and more. Since this stone is associated with the heart chakra and the heart chakra is connected to the thymus (the master gland when it comes to having a healthy immune system) which is powerfully affected by feelings and emotions.. it may also be able to help one fight off dis-ease and inflammation.

How is this possible? Science has proven that T cell count increases when we are experiencing the positive emotions of giving and receiving love, thus giving us a healthy boost. It is important to remember that anything unresolved or needing to be healed on an emotional level will always manifest itself in the physical body.


I love myself unconditionally

I am love

I forgive myself and others who have hurt me

I have healthy boundaries

I allow love to guide all of my intentions

Words of wisdom

Unconditional love is faith and trust in the ability of others to master their own lessons in life.

If you want to see the brave, look at those who can forgive.

Unconditional love is love without strings or expectations.

The key to joy is the unconditional kindness to all life, including ones own, that we refer to as compassion.