Intuitive Healing 

Find the way back to your center..... 


You have chosen to incarnate on earth for one major goal; to express love in all that you do.


You are love. It is your inherent vibration. When we live in the power of love, then and only then will we know truth. 


Every soul has it's own unique path. You'll be surprised that when you release the energy of control and accept the energy of surrender, doors will open that you never expected. 


By listening to your inner voice, you are acknowledging the perfection of your own intuition. Fear is an illusion and obstacles are great opportunities for you to demonstrate that coming from a place of love will conquer all of fear's disguises. 


You must learn to tell the difference between ego talk and soul talk, and then trust your soul. 


Staying within your comfort zone is overrated. With change comes transformation and with transformation comes evolution. All change nourishes your soul. 

Souls Journey  - James Van Praagh

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